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  • Since engaging with Asia Trade Net our factory is now booked out months ahead for production, we have never been so busy.

  • Bendrax helps us manage our e-commerce and marketplace sales and inventory all in one place. Profitability is up, sales are up and life is good.

  • The services that Bendrax provide for my business is the backbone of our amazing growth.

  • Since Bendrax helped us optimise our digital business operations have increased signifcantly.

  • While bendrax manages our e-commerce and digital marketing. I have much more time to spend on increasing sales and scoring goals.

  • Ella Wang - Factory Owner, NCIF International - China
  • Nicola Clarke - Owner, Eagle Imports (Pty) Ltd - Australia
  • Shirley McKay - WeedFabricDirect - UK
  • Tina Lai - CEO, Gigarich (Hong Kong) Ltd
  • Mark Reid - Sales Director, Kitmart UK - Scotland